Guppy Size (How Big Do They Get)

Guppy Size

Guppies are a great fit for most community tanks. Small, colorful, and vibrant, they’re entertaining to watch and easy to keep. But whether you’re going for a nano tank or a larger community tank, you’ll need to know how big they get. Guppies can be …

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Guppy Lifespan (Tips to Make Them Live Longer!)

Guppy Lifespan

Guppies aren’t very long-lived compared to some other aquarium fish, but there are a range of factors that influence how long they can live. After all, you want to get the most out of your pets! Guppies live 1-3 years, although they can live upwards …

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Guppy Diseases (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Guppies are excellent to put in your tank, but they can be susceptible to diseases that can shorten their lifespan.  Here are some common diseases to be on the lookout for. Guppies can be prone to white spot, fin rot, flukes, dropsy, and popeye. Maintaining …

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Bristlenose Pleco Size (How Big They Really Get)

Bristlenose Plecos are one of the most commonly recommended beginner catfish and pleco species, but despite their hardy nature, you still need to put in the work to accommodate them properly. Bristlenose Plecos get up to 6 inches in size, although their exact growth is …

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