Picture of Prathmesh Gawai with his Betta fish tank

Hi! My name is Prathmesh Gawai. I’m the creator of this blog.

I started Aquagoodness.com to share the helpful information I learned from my last five years of personal experience in the fishkeeping hobby. 

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About Aquagoodness.com

Aquagoodness.com is a resource for useful and high-quality information about the aquarium and fishkeeping hobby.

This blog contains articles about Oscar fish, Angelfish, Goldfish, Betta fish, Guppies, Live aquarium plants, Aquarium maintenance, and many other topics. And new articles on new topics are published on this site on a regular basis.

Each article published on Aquagoodness.com is subjected to a rigorous editorial process to ensure that it is grammatically correct, factually accurate, and useful in general.

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Besides this blog, I also share helpful and useful information about aquarium and fishkeeping hobby on the Aquagoodness YouTube channel.

Every week I’m publishing new helpful videos on the YouTube channel. So if you enjoy video content and don’t want to miss out on the helpful information, you can subscribe to the Aquagoodness TouTube channel.

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