About Prathmesh Gawai

Prathmesh Gawai is the main author and editor at Aquagoodness.com. He loves to share helpful information on aquarium and fishkeeping hobby. 

Picture of Prathmesh Gawai with his Betta fish tank

Hi! Prathmesh here.

I’ve over five years of experience in the aquarium hobby. Currently, I have a 7.5-gallon, single male Betta fish tank. 

I’ve written about a variety of aquarium fish species over the last five years, including Oscar fish, Angelfish, Betta fish, Goldfish, Guppies, and many more. 

In addition, I’ve written several articles on aquarium maintenance in which I shared unique and helpful tips and tricks learned from my personal experience in the aquarium hobby.

Prathmesh Gawai feeding his Betta fish

I think feeding my fish is the best part of my aquarium hobby. During feeding time, my fish gets active (I guess; who’s doesn’t), and I get to enjoy his beautiful movements.

Prathmesh Gawai cleaning his Betta fish tank

I’m not a fan of cleaning my fish tank. But this is something I have to get done on the scheduled time or else it’ll never get done.

I really like the feeling when the weekly fish tank maintenance is done and my fish tank looks clean and my fish happy.

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