Is Betta Fish Lucky For Home? (Achieving Harmony And Balance)

Are you wondering whether Betta fish brings luck to your home? You are in the right place.

Betta fish is one of the popular fish in the Chinese feng shui tradition, believed to bring luck and absorb negative energy while increasing the positive energy in your home. It is believed to increase a home’s wealth, love, and prosperity.

Keep reading to learn how to harness the energy in your home with a Betta fish aquarium to achieve harmony and balance with your environment. 

You will also learn how to place the aquarium and other important concerns to unlock wealth, mutual love, prosperity, and success in your career and academic endeavors. 

Read on to find out!

Is Betta Fish Lucky For Home

Is Betta Fish Lucky For Home?

Is Betta Fish Lucky For Home? answer

Betta fish is known as a fish that brings luck to the home. According to the Chinese feng shui, keeping Bettas is a good way to promote positive energy, and remove laziness, and negative energy from home. 

Chinese feng shui is an old Chinese traditional practice of using energy forces to achieve harmony and balance with one’s primary surrounding environment. 

Rooted in early Taoism, feng shui is a practice of

  • balancing negative, and positive energy, and,
  • improving the flow of the force of life forces, also known as chi. 

It does this with the arrangement of furniture, decorations, buildings, and even cities in beneficial ways. 

Ancient Chinese believed that arranging furniture, and home items, including a fish tank, in a specific way can create positive energy, ultimately improving interpersonal relationships, and ensuring good health in the home. They also believed such arrangements would bring luck, and prosperity to the home.

Many fish species are believed to bring luck, and harmony of energies in the home, but the Betta fish is one of the most popular.

But how can you direct the energy flow for luck and harmony?

How To Direct The Energy Flow For Luck

How To Direct The Energy Flow For Luck with yiur betta fish aquarium

Here is how you can direct the energy flow in your home with a Betta fish tank to achieve harmony with your surrounding environment.

How Many Fish In A Tank Brings Luck?

The number of fish in the aquarium is of utmost importance. The number has a significant value; if the number of fish and their right colors are complete, all the problems of members of the household will be removed.

Hence, the feng shui position that the number of fish in your aquarium should be no less than 9. 

Feng shui also posits further that out of the 9, one must be black, while the rest can be red, and gold.

With this right combination, all the problems of members of your household are removed.

Keep A Black Betta

According to the Chinese feng shui, you must have a black fish in the aquarium. A black betta is a good selection for this role. The Chinese feng shui believes that the black betta symbolizes security, and safety.

A black betta is believed to waste the negative energy in your home. The reasoning behind this belief is that the betta’s color, black, allows it to attract, and absorb all the negative energy in your home, leaving only positive energy in the atmosphere.

Black bettas often die, and some believe it is a result of absorbing the negative energy in the home. 

Feng shui practitioners recommend replacing any dead fish with a new one immediately after any dies. 

You also want to ensure that the new fish is the same color as the one being replaced.

Placement For Luck

According to the Chinese feng shui, the placement of the aquarium has consequences (pdf). The aquarium must never be placed in certain areas to avoid negative consequences. 

For instance, it is believed that placing the aquarium in the kitchen or bedroom will lead to property loss. 

Placing the aquarium east, north, or northeast direction is the recommended way to place the aquarium for luck.

Placing the aquarium at the left side of your main gate is also believed to maintain mutual love among members of your home. 

You can activate wealth, and prosperity in your home by placing the aquarium in the southeast part of your house.

Choosing Other Colors

A black betta is significant for attracting and absorbing bad energy from the atmosphere. This results in positive energy in the home, which ensures harmony. But what about the other fish colors?

In Chinese feng shui, fish with brighter colors like red, gold, and blue promote good energy in the home. So you must keep red and golden Bettas to promote positive energy in your home for harmony.

Darker colors, such as black, as mentioned above, attract and absorb negative energy in the house. 

The right combination of colors is also important for directing the energy flow and achieving harmony, and balance in your home. There may be more red than gold or gold than red, but only one black betta is allowed in the aquarium.

You must adhere to the guidelines, and rules of the Chinese feng shui for the correct numbers, and color combinations to better direct the flow of negative, and positive energy in your home. 

Caution: Although you want the right combination, remember that male Bettas are dominant, territorial, and naturally aggressive. They will usually establish their territory in the tank to access females, shelter, and food resources
Hence, keeping more than one male betta may not be a good idea unless the tank is big enough for each male to carve his territory without confrontations from the others.
Unless you are breeding, it would be best to have a sorority of female bettas only with other compatible fish. A good combination is 4-6 female Betta fish, and some rasboras.
You cannot keep more than one male Betta unless you use a divider to limit confrontations between them. If you keep a male Betta with many females, the male Betta will become aggressive, and territorial after the mating period.
Hence, keeping only female Bettas and other compatible but docile tankmates is best.

What To Avoid With Betta Fish For Luck At Home?

What To Avoid With Betta Fish For Luck At Home?

There are a few things to remember when keeping bettas for good luck, harmony, and balance in your house.

Apart from the advice above, you want to always keep healthy fish in your aquarium.

You also want to avoid a square aquarium. Square aquariums are believed to draw negative energy.

Cylindrical and hexagonal tanks are best. The round shape of the circular aquariums is regarded as infinite, and especially sought after for good luck. 

A rectangular aquarium also works great. 

If you keep driftwood that leaks tannins, it would be best to take it out. Feng Shui tanks use the same water parameters as normal tanks, but it is believed that the water must be crystal clear to activate good luck and prosperity. 

Any darkness in the water must be avoided.

Which Other Fish Species Brings Luck?

Apart from bettas, other fish that are associated with luck include the following:



The Arowana is the most popular fish in Chinese feng shui. It is usually pictured as sitting on a pile of gold coins with one in its mouth. 

As a feng shui symbol, the Arowana is associated with power, prosperity, wealth, happiness, and good luck. It is also believed to keep evil spirits, and bad luck away. 

I particularly like the Arowana because it is the fish to keep in your feng shui aquarium if you are looking for a boost in your career, 

To unlock that potential, you can put the Arowana in the north area of your office for luck in your career, pay rise, and wealth-related opportunities. 

The Dragon Carp/Butterfly Koi

The Dragon Carp/Butterfly Koi

The dragon carp, commonly known as Butterfly Koi, in Chinese Feng Shui is associated with high ambitions, achievement, and riches. It is a symbol of perseverance because of its ability to swim upstream against rapid currents.

This fish is special because it promises students good luck in academic pursuits. It also promises good luck in a career for employed persons.

Keeping the dragon carp aquarium in the northeast corner of the study room can increase the chances of getting better grades. 

Employees and employers can also keep them in the north or northeast corner of the office for increased career, and wealth-related opportunities.


The Flowerhorn Fish Aquarium Fish Flower horn Fish Flowerhorn Cichlid Fish isolated on white background This has clipping path.

Flowerhorn is reputed for attracting good energy into one’s surroundings. It is said to bring its owner good fortune, and luck in every area of life, including wealth, fame, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Feng shui practitioners believe placing the fish in the north, or southeast corner of your living room can increase your luck in acquiring riches. But placing it east can improve the well-being of the family.

Are There Other Feng Shui Lucky Numbers?

What are lucky numbers of fish in Feng Shui aquarium?

Other numbers ensure luck in case your aquarium is too small to house up to 9 inhabitants. 

You can keep 3 Bettas, as the number 3 symbolizes growth and development. The number 6 is associated with mentor luck, and the number 8 is linked to money and abundance. 

9 is often regarded as the luckiest number and is associated with luck and positive energy in every aspect of life. 

But no matter what number you choose, the combination of your fish must have a black fish. The black fish could be the betta or any other fish, but it is important to keep one black fish at all times.


Can I Use Unhealthy Bettas For Good Luck?

You cannot use unhealthy Bettas. The fish must be healthy to achieve harmony, balance, and ensure luck in your home.

If any fish in the feng shui aquarium dies, you want to replace it immediately.

How Can I Keep My Bettas Healthy For Luck?

Keep the aquarium water at a temperature between 75F – 81F. Ensure that the pH level is stable, and between 6.5 – 7.5. Have the ammonia, and nitrite levels at 0 ppm. 

Take care of your bettas as you would in a normal aquarium, and do the regular maintenance routine, and water changes.


Using fish and water to direct the flow, and harmony of negative, and positive energy in your home is a great way to achieve harmony and balance. 

Follow all the tips above, especially if you want to get lucky in your career or academic pursuits. 

Take care to avoid the loss of property, and the build-up of negative energy in your home with the directions above about keeping a black betta.

With these tips, recommendations, and advice, you will increase your home’s wealth, mutual love, and prosperity.

To keep your Betta fish happy and healthy, you’ll need to emulate their natural habitat in your aquarium. Read this article, to get all the information on creating a natural habitat for your Betta.

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